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Your adrenaline experience in Berlin

Indoor skydiving in the heart of Berlin

Safe flying fun for everyone

In bodyflying you experience the great feeling of free fall in the wind tunnel as in the

Skydiving, only in a safe environment. Even beginners can without previous knowledge.

It's the perfect flying fun for the whole family!

Opening hours

Monday 13:00–21:30

Closed on Tuesday

Closed on Wednesday (Sportflyer)

Thursday 16:00–19:30

Friday 12:00–22:00

Saturday 09:00–20:30

Sunday 09:00–21:00

Call us and let us advise you or write us an e-mail 030 809334140 –

Flight Experiences

Single Experience

Familien Airlebnis L

Group Experience

Child Experience

Kurs 20min

Flight school

QUESTIONS? We are at your disposal for your concerns and suggestions.

Sport Flyer

Sport Flyer S

Sport Flyer M

Sport Flyer L

Sport Flyer Specials

Sportflieger 5 Stunden

5 hours special

Sportflieger 5 Stunden inclusive coaching

5 hours special including coaching

Sportflieger 10 Stunden

10 hours special

Sportflieger 10 Stunden inclusive coaching

10 hours special including coaching


Firmen Airlebnis S

Companies Air Experience S

Firmen Airlebnis M

Companies Air Experience M

Firmen Airlebnis L

Company Air Experience L

Firmen Airlebnis XL

Corporate Air Experience XL

Individual Offers

About our location

Windobona Berlin GmbH

Landsberger Allee 268

10367 Berlin


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